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Here's a list of updates made to this website:

Changes Made...
June 2017 Added info for 2017 trip on the home page.
July 2016 Added info for 2016 trip on the home page.
June 2015
Added info sheet for 2015 trip and updated home page.
May 2011 Added preliminary signup sheet for Fall 2011 trip. Added new photo and article links. Updated main page graphic for 2011 trip.
June 2010 Preliminary info for 2010 trip posted.
June 2008 Updated site for 2008 trip, added 2008 trip sign-up form, links to Gates Foundation/Rotary International partnership and Penny LeGate's Ethiopia blog.
June 2006 Updated site for 2006 trip, added 2006 trip sign-up form page.
Oct 2005 Added announcement and link about Ezra Teshome being honored as one of TIME Global Health Summit "Heros of health"
5/20/03 Added links to the "Fistula Hospital" section on the "Links" page (article in NY Times and photo essay by Shaleece Haas), added nice panorama photo of the hospital from a W.H.O. website on the "Fistula Hospital" page.
4/4/03 2003 trip sign-up form converted to 'electronic' submittal so you no longer have to print out the sign-up form and fax or mail it in.
3/18/03 Information on 2003 trip has been posted! Please take a look by clicking on the "2003 trip info page" link to the left.
3/16/03 Added new pop-up window feature on all 'thumbnail images' so they open in a small, properly sized window.
3/3/03 Finally added two maps on the "Maps" page. Revised home page regarding KIRO shows on the trip and Ezra (video clips coming soon). Added "Polio Plus" and "World Vision" logos to home page. Revised home page regarding 2003 trip (last paragraph).
12/2/02 Deleted "Mission..." link and associated page (main page covered it well enough); added note about 2003 trip to main page; added "Zip files" of all the photos on the photo pages for easy downloading for presentation use.
12/1/02 Added items to the "downloads" section and another local paper article about the trip on the "Links & Downloads" page; added more photos to all the photos pages; added "Rotary Village" link on the "Photos" page; added a story by John Gardiner to the "Our Experiences" page.
11/24/02 Corrected typos on some pages; changed "Links" page to "Links and Downloads" and added presentation materials to download; added short video clips to "AIDS Orphanage" page; new photos added to "Cheshire Home", "NID Kickoff", "Fistula Hospital" and "AIDS Orphanage" photo pages.
11/20/02 Posted link to an article on the trip in "The Olympian" newspaper; posted a poem on the "Our Experiences" page written by Kerry Radcliffe's sister after listening to her stories about the trip.
Corrected typos in "Timeline" page; added 3 new stories to "Our Experiences" page.
Competed the "timeline" page. Added a few more links about Addis Ababa and Ethiopia to the "Links" page. Added trip report by Danner Graves to his club to "Our Experiences" page. Added more photos from other Rotarians to many pages.
Added page with info and photos of Addis Ababa; added new photos to "Rotarians", "Cheshire Home" and "Immunizations" pages; changed "Stories" page to "Our Experiences" and added several narratives.
Added photos to the "Immunization" photo page, added to the "Links" page, posted the first story (by Ralph Munro) to the "Stories" page.
Added photos and info on Fistula hospital, added "Rotarians" photos, put first entries on the "Links" page.
Revised site style a bit, added more photos, added this "What's new" page.

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