Photos from the 2002 trip when we first created this website are posted below on this web page. Since then, later trips have posted photos on the Google Picasa free photo sharing website. Links to these recent photos are below. (These links will open a new browser window.)


2002 Trip Photos...

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  Photo Page Description
  Immunizations Rotarians and local heath workers immunizing children against Polio
  Cheshire Home Rehabilitation and treatment facility in Addis Ababa for children affected by Polio
  Fistula Hospital A wonderful hospital in Addis Ababa that treats women with problems caused by a blocked child delivery. This causes incredible suffering for these women in their society and many social, mental and physical problems
  AIDS Orphanage An orphanage in Addis Ababa for children affected and/or infected with HIV. The local Rotaracts are supporting this orphanage as a special club project.
  Rotary Village A community for homeless women with children in Addis Ababa built by the Seattle Rotary District in collaboration with the local Addis Ababa Rotary clubs.
  Rotarians Pictures of our group taken during the trip
  NID Launching Official launch of the National Immunization Days by the President of Ethiopia at the Presidential Palace in Addis Ababa
  Addis Ababa Pictures taken in and around the city of Addis Ababa

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