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Below are some links for additional information on the various topics on this website. Each link will open in a new window so it will be easier to return to this page. At the bottom of the page are links to download various materials for presentations to groups.


Information about the Polio virus and eradication efforts...

From HUMANOSPHERE: Charting global health and the fight against poverty. Before Bill Gates became a polio warrior, there was Ezra and the Rotarians

  Rotary Foundation "Polio Plus" information
  UNICEF "Eradicating Polio"
  World Health Organization article about the 2002 "NID" in west Africa
  The US Centers For Disease Control publication on polio (Adobe PDF document)
Perspectives from others...
  Penny Legate's blog on KIRO-TV.COM about her many trips to Ethiopia. Not only great stories but wonderful video clips from the trips.
  Puget Sound Business article about the Polio Plus trip in 2002
  Photos of the Fistula Hospital and Cheshire Home taken in 2001 by Whitney Tilson of Tilson Funds, a "Motley Fool" investment website guest columnist
  Whitney's article "A Little Perspective" from the April 17, 2001 issue of "The Motley Fool"
  Excerpt from 11/3/02 issue of "South County Journal Online" about the trip.
Information about the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa...
  The Fistula Foundation home page
  Home page of the AHOPE For Children organization
  W.H.O. page with photos of the Fistula Hospital
  "Alone and ashamed" New York Times Op-Ed column by Nicholas Kristof (PDF file)
  "The Fistula Project" photo essay by Shaleece Haas
Information about the Cheshire Home just outside Addis Ababa...
  Home page of the Cheshire Services of Ethiopia organization
  A page about the Cheshire Home on
Information about Addis Ababa and Ethiopia...
  A tour site about Ethiopia - modest but useful info
  "Virtual Tourist" page about Ethiopia
Other miscellaneous links...
  Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa (where the group will stay on the 2008 trip)
  Denny Wilford's Just Two Drops home page about his foundation and efforts to deliver a hydrotherapy unit to the Cheshire Home in Addis Ababa.
  Rotary District 5030 home page

These links are Powerpoint presentations, Adobe PDF files and other materials for your own review and for presentations about the trip to other groups. The photo "Zip" files containing both the small "thumbnails" and larger versions used on this website.
Generally the easiest way to save these files on your computer is to right click on the link, choose "Save target as..." from the popup menu and then select a place on your computer to save the file. You should then be able to open the file on your PC.

Rotary International "Eradicate Polio" slideshow presentation (PDF file, ~670 KB)
Rotary International "Polio Plus" brochure (PDF file, ~2.5 MB, a big file!)
CDC information on the polio virus and the disease (PDF file, ~1.5 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Addis Ababa" page (~.9 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "AIDS Orphanage" page (~1.8 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Cheshire Home" page (~1 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Fistula Hospital" page (~.8 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Immunizations" page (~1 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "NID Kickoff" page (~.3 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Rotarians" page (~.5 MB)
"Zip" file of photos from "Rotary Village" page (~.8 MB)

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